Marietta Police Department

The Marietta Police Department is committed to enhance the quality of life and lessen the criminal fears of all citizens. Utilizing the authority and safeguards of the Constitution of the United States and the freedoms cited in the Bill of Rights, the laws and statues of the State of Oklahoma and the Ordinances of the City of Marietta, we the members of the Marietta Police Department, will work cooperatively with all segments of the general public and government to provide a safe environment and preserve the peace.

The department works closely with all departments that work in Love County including the Love County Sheriff's Dept., Thackerville Police Dept. and State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Training is conducted in house or by participating in CLEET training courses.
Contact Information

105 S Third
Marietta, OK. 73448
Phone: 580-276-9371
Fax: 580-276-4629
Code Enforcement

How are codes enforced?
The enforcement process is typically initiated in several ways;
  1. In response to a complaint by an individual
  2. Observation of code violation by City staff as they patrol the community
  3. As an consequence of an action (for example, an application for a building permit or a request for a zoning variance)

Dustin Scott
Police Chief
Angel Jones
Code Enforcement Officer
Ron Bolton
Billy Bond
Patrol Officer
Aaron Johnson
Patrol Officer
Sue Diggs
Toi Bone
Patrol Officer